Let’s join forces

Let’s join forces

Together towards a sustainable health system

Within the I AM my healthTM program, we are actively looking for partners to cooperate with and to strengthen our activities.

  • Our research has a direct link with the diagnostics industry through the development of novel diagnostic algorithms and tests that could be used for early disease detection or prevention. Together with a partner we would be looking for the optimal route to introduction of novel products.  We are open to various types of collaboration including technology transfer, licensing of IP/know-how, co-development,..
  • IT industry (AI + big data): Our longitudinal health data monitoring will generate large amounts of data. Data security and privacy are in the center of all our activities. Integration of various data will form an essential part of the research to discover novel preventive insights. This will require advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. Therefore we are actively looking for partners to support and develop big data, data analytics and AI.
  • The Pharmaceutical industry will also play a key part in developing and supporting applications in the field of disease prevention. Early disease detection, could also lead to adoption and optimization of therapies to cure the disease or delay the onset of the chronic disease phase.
Primary care physician & healthcare provider

For prevention, the primary care physician, pharmacist and other healthcare providers are typically the first point of contact for citizens regarding health questions. By aligning and integrating our services and knowledge with these stakeholders, we ensure that we are answering actual needs in such a way that they can be easily adopted by a broad community of healthcare providers.  That’s why VITO has already set up a strategic collaboration with Domus Medica. It is looking to reinforce this collaboration through addition of other interested parties.

Engaged citizen

For the future upscaling of our cohort, we are looking for engaged citizens. If you’re interested to learn more about your personal health and to participate in the "I AM frontier"-sequel, let us know.